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Uncovered by WDRB News

Jun 23, 2020

WDRB anchor and reporter Gilbert Corsey joins the show to discuss his extensive coverage of Kentucky's problems with unemployment insurance. Last week's scene in Frankfort, with hundreds waiting in line for help, made national news. Host Chris Otts looks back on decisions he covered at the time in 2017 that are playing...

Jun 17, 2020

Do students need masks? Smaller class sizes? Social distancing on buses? What happens if a second viral wave hits? Kentucky public schools face a lot of uncertainty about the next academic year and what changes they'll need to make. education reporter Kevin Wheatley joins the podcast to discuss.

Jun 9, 2020

WDRB reporter Chad Mills worked nine-straight nights covering the protests over police violence and racial injustice on the streets of Louisville, and he's garnered a huge audience for his Facebook live streams of the events. Despite encountering gun shots and tear gas, Mills says the demonstrations have been...

Jun 2, 2020

Louisville's outbreak of violent protests has roots that are much deeper than the Breonna Taylor tragedy, the death of George Floyd or Monday's fatal shooting of David McAtee. WDRB anchor and reporter Gilbert Corsey explains what's happened over the last five days and how to place it context.