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Uncovered by WDRB News

Nov 26, 2019

Three Louisville police officers were convicted last month of faking overtime hours to boost their pay and pensions. The convictions followed investigative reports by WDRB's Travis Ragsdale and Jason Riley. On this week's show, Ragsdale and Riley discuss how they unraveled the story.

Background: 21-hour days and...

Nov 19, 2019 education reporter Kevin Wheatley and anchor/reporter Valerie Chinn discuss their Sunday story on the school reform group paying for top Kentucky education officials to go to its conferences. Plus, Kevin discusses teachers' role in electing Andy Beshear and what his governorship means for education,...

Nov 11, 2019

His mission isn't just to make aluminum; it's to "rebuild Appalachia." But people in northeast Kentucky are still waiting. Braidy Industries CEO Craig Bouhcard grants a rare interview to WDRB News. Hear him in his own words, as well as analysis by reporters Chris Otts and Travis Ragsdale.

Story: 'Don't give up. There...

Nov 6, 2019

In this special bonus podcast, WDRB political reporter Lawrence Smith and reporter Marcus Green discuss Andy Beshear's apparent razor-thin upset of Gov. Matt Bevin, what's next if Bevin continues to contest the results and Beshear's prospects working with a GOP-controlled legislature.

Nov 5, 2019's Chris Otts discusses his extensive story about family feud that has plagued the Al J. Schneider Co., which owns the largest hotel in Louisville, the Galt House. Marcus Green hosts the show.

‘WE WEREN'T A FAMILY ANYMORE' | The inside story of the dispute that broke the family behind Louisville's Galt House